Please have a look at the range of compost below.

Levington M2 75Ltr - £7.02

Medium grade peat compost.

Industry standard professional potting, growing-on, general bedding and medium term pot plants throughout the year.






John Innes No.1 - £

For pricking out or potting-up young seedlings or rooted cuttings. This composts has a carefully balanced nutrient content to suit most young plants.



Levington F1 75Ltr - £7.20

Fine compost for seed sowing and direct rooting of cuttings in modules, trays or small pots. 

Specifically designed to meet the growing needs of plants that require a low nutrient start. 






John Innes No.2 - £

For general potting of most house plants and vegetable plants into medium size pots or boxes. Contains double the amount of nutrient in JI No 1 to suit established plants.



Levington M3 75Ltr - £7.26

A medium structured low nutrient growing media designed for salt-sensitive plants and growing in combination with feeding using water soluble fertilizer or a controlled release fertilizer programme.

John Innes No.3 - £

A richer mixture for final re-potting of gross feeding vegetable plants and for mature foliage plants and shrubs in interior planters or outdoor containers.



Organic Farmyard Manure 50Ltr - £3.48

Organic farmyard manure for use with shrubs, roses, vegetables and improving soil.

Clover MP Compost - £4.80

A consistent, high quality compost with a nutrient enriched formula and wetting agent to ensure easier watering.

Used for seed sowing, potting, containers and hanging baskets.

Clover Growing Bags - £1.92

A high quality full size growing bag containing all the nutrients required to grow a wide variety of edible and ornamental crops.

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